We deliver extensive photo coverage of automotive events; Car Races and Auto Shows.  Our experienced Photographer captures the important key elements of the events such as team sprit.
Motorsports "StudioZero" Package
Special Car Event "StudioZero" Package
  • From the start to the end, we will be at the racing circuit and capture key moments of the race.
  • Deliver photos which tell some stories to the viewers
  • Focus on our customer's team and the team members and capture the emotional moments and the team spirit
  • Propose high quality artistic pictures
  • Edit and retouch the images digitally
  • Photos will be burned on a DVD.
  • Select and edit photos according to the main theme and highlight of the shows.
  • Edit and retouch the images digitally
  • Focus on the customer's booth and capture the key point of their theme
  • Capture the theme of the event
  • Photos will be burned on a DVD.
You can also customize your package by selecting individual items from our packages.
If you have any request which is not listed here, please feel free to let us know.